Same shit, different year – Crash the WKR-Ball!

The WKR-Ball as a Highlight of the European Right
Just like every year, on the 28th of January the elite of Europe’s Extreme Right will meet in Vienna. They’ll celebrate themselves by arranging the infamous WKR-Ball (short for Wiener Korporations-Ring – Viennese Corporation Circle), which takes place in the Viennese Hofburg, one of the most representative buildings of the Austrian Republic.

The Brown Hosts
The WKR is a union of 19 German-nationalist fraternities (Burschenschaften*). It is the breeding ground of several militant neo-Nazi cadres and many an Austrian Freedom Party politician. Their ideology is based on racism, antisemitism, anti-feminism, sexism, homophobia, anti-communism, elite thinking and their alleged German-nationalist heritage. Membership is granted to men only. The structure of these ‘undiluted’ male, lifelong and close networks is both hierarchic and authoritarian and hence reflecting our society’s hegemonic patriarchy. Within Austria’s right scene, the German-nationalist fraternities have a special task: they function as link between militant neo-Nazis and the (post-)fascist Austrian Freedom Party. The Austrian Freedom Party for instance has 27 seats in the Viennese city parliament – half of their mandataries originate from said fraternities. The Freedom Party is currently third-strongest force in the National Parliament and still in the ascendant. They are actively involved in the formation of a United European Right and according to latest surveys have a chance of hitting the 25% mark in upcoming elections.